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When I started coming up with ideas for my 30-before-30 bucket list, I tried to think of local attractions that I may not have experienced, yet.  I do want to be adventurous, yes, but I also don’t want to break the bank in the process.  Staycations have been popular in the last few years, and that concept prompted the search for Atlanta activities.  I had no idea that Atlanta had a still-functioning drive-in movie theater!  Onto the bucket list!  I had already started thinking about my 30-before-30 bucket list prior to my 29th birthday last year.  Hubby and I were trying to coordinate a birthday outing with friends when he surprised me with the fact that he “already had plans” for us on the night in question.  Now, hubby has always been good at surprises, but it had been awhile since he had taken it upon himself to plan an all-out surprise date night.  I was not going to miss out on this!  We rescheduled dinner with friends, and I was given a clue of “dress warmly.”  After work on a Friday night, hubby picked me up for our date.  He still wouldn’t give away any hints as we drove along.  And, drove along.  Finally, we reached our destination – the Starlight Drive-In!  He had stopped by Fresh Market and packed us a gourmet picnic, brought blankets (because, yes, my birthday is in December), and even thought to borrow a TV tray table from my mom.  I really wish I had pictures of the setup complete with candelight!  We opted to watch the movie in the warmth of the car, but it was a ton of fun!sprite

Second Bucket List Item:  Go to a drive-in movie.  Check

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