Throwback Thursday: Sip ‘N’ See From A-Z

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In honor of Throwback Thursday, here’s a look at the Sip & See my sister hosted for Colton back in February.

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She made the invitations herself!



To go with the ABC-theme, my sister and mom chose the cutest decorations, which were actually all gifts for Colton to take home.  Shown here is a Play and Learn ABC board book and Eric Carle’s ABC Game.  Colton loves this ABC book!  It has touch-and-feel pages, and he loves to pat the bunny.  He will entertain himself for hours – ok, not really, but definitely minutes!  (You can also catch a glimpse of his birth announcement clipped to the lamp.)


Delicious Food

My mom, sister, and I all love to cook, so it’s no surprise that the food was delicious!  Lots of fun dips and, of course, petits fours!


Table Decorations

My mom is always so creative with tablescapes.  (WordPress just underlined tablescapes – is that not a word?  Did anyone else use to watch Semi Homemade with Sandra Lee on the Food Network?  Pretty sure she coined the word!)  While Mom does love a beautiful tablecloth, and always finds the best deals at Williams-Sonoma, her other favorite table linen is fabric.  By the yard.  Thank the seamstress in her for that tip!  Then, after the event, she’ll turn it into one of her many creations.  Talk about bang for your buck!

Colton is obsessed with these Dr. Seuss Building Blocks.  We pull them out just about every day.  He hasn’t quite caught onto the stacking concept, but he loves to knock them over, drum on them, and put cars or balls in them.  We also play with the Skip Hop Alphabet Zoo House Blocks all the time.  Aside from knocking over towers, Colton’s favorite block activity is to clap two blocks together, preferably while listening to some Luke Bryan.  😀


Champagne & Raspberries

Does champagne ever need an explanation?  😉 Check out the striped straws!  We took home our very own alphabet magnets: the quintessential childhood toy.  Also pictured is Peter Rabbit’s ABC.  Super cute book!


Alphabet Craft

My sister set out a complete alphabet of wooden letters along with paints and paint brushes.  The guests were asked to decorate a letter for Colton.  My sister and mom are adding magnets to the back to go along with a magnet board that they’re making.  I can’t wait to share the finished project once it’s hung in the toy corner!


These three always entertain each other!


Thanks for my party, Aunt Brooke!

This is one loved little guy!


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