The Roar of a Sunday Crowd: Garth Brooks LIVE

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This past Sunday, we managed to FINALLY make it to a Garth Brooks concert.  Woo Hoo!  This concert has to be on everyone’s bucket list!  We thought we were going to have our chance a few years back.  Hubby’s cousin was getting married in Vegas, and Garth (we’re on a first-name basis) had recently come out of retirement for weekend shows there.  But, alas, the timing did not work out.  We talked again about going out to Vegas specifically for a concert, but we just could never get it coordinated.  When we heard the World Tour announcement, we were determined to get tickets!

Now, I’ve been having an issue with Ticketmaster (aside from the fees 😮 ).  I tried to get tickets to the George Strait final tour several months ago.  (Hubby’s and my “song” is by George Strait and has been since we first started dating eons ago!)  I was online exactly when they went on sale and still didn’t manage to get any.  I tried again when the first round of Garth tickets went on sale.  Same deal – logged onto Ticketmaster the minute sales opened.  No luck!  So frustrating!  Then, more shows were announced.  Normally, I would have set an alarm for a few minutes before the sales were scheduled to start.  But, thanks to our little Munchkin, I’m usually up way ahead of time.  However, that Friday night we had friends in from out of town, and we all stayed up way past our bedtime, little man included.  Of course, this would be the one time that he slept a full night and slept in late.  I woke up right at 9 and kicked myself.  I had missed my second chance.

Ever the optimist, though, Hubby asked if I had even tried.  Of course I hadn’t!  Why would I even bother minutes after the sale started?  But, he did have a point.  So, I logged on 5 minutes after the sale began.  To my surprise, I actually got tickets!  Hubby was also in the queue, and he scored 4 more!  Who cares that they were for a Sunday night?!

Garth did not disappoint!  I could tell from the first song that his voice was a little hoarse after already performing 4 shows this weekend.  (He even apologized for that fact!) But, he still gave it all he had.  We really didn’t want the night to end.  He even came out for 2 encores.  Hubby and I kept thinking of more songs he could have played, but he did hit all the staples.  I do wish he and Trisha had performed another song or 2 together.  Their other duet, “Where Your Road Leads,” or actually, “To Make You Feel My Love” would have been a great choice.  Maybe they’ll add one of those to their next tour 🙂  He played with the band; he played acoustic.  He was even taking fans’ phones and taking pictures for them, including a selfie or two!  Seriously, y’all, if you have the opportunity: Go see him!

Plus, he just seems like a genuinely humble human being.  (Like I said, we’re on a first-name basis, so of course I can comment on his integrity as a person!)  Maybe it’s the mark of a true artist, but it means a lot to me as a fan to feel included.  I’m more willing to fork over my cash (concerts are not cheap; where did the $20 seats go?!) if an artist acknowledges my contribution, albeit very tiny, to his success.  A little flattery goes a long way, people!

We were a little worried about our seats going in – they were behind the stage – but they actually turned out to be closer to the stage than our other choice.  And, Garth, Trisha, and the band did a great job of playing to the seats behind the stage.  We could see everything!   It was a pretty amazing night!  Glad we got to share it with these sweet friends:

The roar of a Sunday crowd

The roar of a Sunday crowd

And, I still have my Garth tracks on shuffle!  Does anyone else do that before AND after a concert??

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