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In the theme of getting organized this year, I’ve returned to a great website that I used to use religiously to track books:  Goodreads.  I’m not sure why I let this one go, other than I just forgot.  It’s really a great resource, and I really wish it would expand to include movies and TV shows.  (Anyone want to develop that for me?!)

Goodreads is similar to other social media sites where you follow friends and share your own activity with your friends.  However, the best aspect in my opinion is simply being able to track books I want to read.  I’ve tried to keep track of so many handwritten lists over the years.  I started keeping a page in my bullet journal last year, but I could never seem to remember to write all the books down.  I’ve also been pinning plenty of suggested reads on my Pinterest board, but again, these just get lost.  I have SO MANY choices, and it’s just too difficult for me to organize them properly.  I just haven’t found anything better than Goodreads.

Other positives are being able to see what books your friends want to read and have read.  For the overachievers, there is also the option to rate and write reviews, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves!  Goodreads also allows you to set a reading goal for the year.  I’ve been trying to carve out a little time at the end of the day for reading.  I used to be so good about this.  It really helps me sleep better to unplug for a bit before shuteye.  When I was pregnant, I used the time to read labor and delivery books, as well as get a jump start on parenting books.  But after Munchkin arrived, I used every ounce of free time to catch up on sleep.  Anyone who knows me knows that I love my sleep, so given the option between anything else, sleep always wins.  But, I’ve discovered that I just feel better when I make that little “me” time every day, and I’ve decided to make some fun reading a priority, too!  What a novel concept 😉

If you’re new to Goodreads, you can start by adding me as a friend!  You can get a sneak peak of what I’m reading. 😉


Happy Reading!


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