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Let’s be honest: I’d like to say that I get through at least a chapter of “fun” reading every night, but the reality is that most pages I’m turning these days are made of cardboard.  It’s safe to say that Munchkin, so far, has inherited my love for books.  And, I love finding new titles to share with him just about as much as he enjoys hearing them.

Any parent knows that there are certain favorites among the *many* book baskets.  Munchkin has lots of favorites, and they tend to rotate week by week.  But, today, I wanted to share with you his first go-to.  I was unfamiliar with Sandra Boynton before having Munchkin, but she is definitely a standard when it comes to baby books.  All of her titles have catchy rhymes and a degree of humor that assures they are remembered.

We received Moo, Baa, La La La as a gift just after Munchkin was born.  I began reading it to him right away, and I soon had it memorized.  (I believe all of my memory space is now used to house children’s books!)  Anytime Munchkin was upset, I could recite this book, and he would immediately calm down.  If he was tired or hungry, all I had to utter was “A cow says,” and he would quiet down to listen.  Magic.  We still love this book, and I have a feeling that as he begins to use more words of his own, we’ll be able to expand it into interactive story time very easily.  If you’re not familiar with Boynton, please check out this book!

Moo, Baa, La La La

Moo, Baa, La La La

Happy Reading!

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