Tuesday’s Title: Heart of the Matter

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I have a confession to make.  I LOVE “chick lit.”  I know, I know.  You’re probably wondering how I could waste my time on such superficial content, but I much prefer a good beach read, which is another way I like to classify my quick-read books, over just about any reality TV show currently airing.  (I also love a good chick flick 😉 )  I always like to end my day with a chapter or two.  Hubby and I usually enjoy a show after Munchkin goes to bed, and then I’m ready to get in bed myself.  I’m sure my whole going-to-bed routine is awfully confusing to Hubby.  After confirming that we’re both ready to call it a night, he shuffles to the bedroom, slips under the covers and is usually out for the count in about five minutes.  I, on the other hand, get a glass of water on the way from the couch to the bed and go through my bathroom routine of washing my face, brushing my teeth, and taking my contacts out.  Then, I snuggle under the covers and open a good book.  

I have another confession to make.  I may be SLIGHTLY obsessed with Emily Giffin.  I read her first novel, Something Borrowed, years ago.  I remember my mom actually started reading it first and couldn’t get past the first chapter due to the premise of the entire novel.  I wondered what in the world could make my mom, who probably devours a book a night, put one down without finishing it, so I checked it out.  I ended up really enjoying the novel and told my mom she should give it another go.  But, I stopped there.  I meant to pick up another one of Giffin’s books, but somehow they kept getting pushed to the bottom of my list.

Until. . . 

I was out for a dear friend’s bachelorette party in Atlanta.  One of HER friends is a huge Giffin fan and follows her on Facebook.  Turns out Giffin is an Atlanta resident!  Giffin posted a status update that day stating that she had plans to be at the very same restaurant where we would celebrating.  On a whim, this friend-of-my-friend commented about our festivities.  Long story short, she ended up taking a picture with the bachelorette group.  So cool!

I very quickly liked her Facebook page and decided to make my way through her novels – FINALLY!  And, the more I read her status updates, the more I became a fan.  While she moves in very different circles than I do in Atlanta, she seems so “real.”  I mean, I did meet her for about five minutes, so I can say that, right?  But, really, she has chickens, y’all.  In her backyard.  In Buckhead.  (Hubby and I joke about raising chickens in our backyard, but I’m afraid our fur baby would never allow that.)  She also shares a lot of her writing experience, which is fascinating to read.  Check out her page!

I started out by reading Something Borrowed again and have since been reading in chronological written order.  I just finished reading her fourth book:  Heart of the Matter.  I’ll be honest: this wasn’t my favorite Giffin novel.  While I was just a tad disappointed that the main theme of the book was another incident of infidelity (and even more disappointed in myself for actually rooting for “the other woman”), I still couldn’t put it down.  I did find myself identifying with the main character, Tess.  She’s my age. (GASP! Does anyone still watch Friends thinking that the characters are a good 10+ years older and then get really discouraged after realizing that they are the SAME AGE?  I feel the same way about book characters, no matter how old they are!)  She recently quit her job to stay home with her kids.  She is surrounded by neighborhood moms to whom she is constantly comparing herself.  I think this personal identification led me to like this particular novel more than I would have.  I also enjoyed how Giffin alternated chapters between the two main female characters, although I found it a little distracting that one character was shown through first person and the other third person view point.  It was an enjoyable, quick read, but I wouldn’t put it on my repeat list.

Heart of the Matter

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