A Pepperplate Update

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So, I mentioned in my Everday Lentils post that I came across a recipe discrepancy.  I’m not usually in the habit of comparing recipes from multiple sites.  Sure, I’ll compare a couple of recipes to see which one I want to make, but usually I follow just one, especially on the first time.  After I’ve tried a recipe, I may experiment a little, but honestly, most of my “experimentation”  is really just a result of making do with ingredients on hand. (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started cooking only to find one ingredient didn’t make it onto my list!)

But, you may remember that I recently came across a new menu planning website, Pepperplate.  This week was the third week using Pepperplate for menu planning and grocery shopping.  It’s a breeze!  Really, I’m loving just about everything about Pepperplate so far.  I like that it’s an app AND a website, so that I can update at the computer or from my phone.  I like that it has a calendar to plan meals by the day.  I like that I can add to my shopping list directly from that meal plan.  I like that the grocery list is sorted by aisle.  I like that I can edit the grocery list, deleting items I already have on hand, adding items not specifically included on my menu, or moving items between categories.

The ONLY issue I have had so far is that Pepperplate imports directly from only a handful of websites.  There is the option to manually enter a recipe, and copy and paste works well, but I’ve found that a lot of my Pinterest recipes come from individual blogs. Thankfully, these are also generally included in the all-inclusive food.com or foodnetwork.com libraries, which are supported in Pepperplate.  I included the link to The Dr. Oz show website because, well, that’s how I originally found the recipe.  However, when I went to add it into my Pepperplate, I discovered that it was not supported. A quick google search led me to foodnetwork.com. The recipe appeared to be the same. It was in proofreading the recipe to add my own comments that I realized an ingredient was missing.  Only because I had improvised, ahem, experimented 😉 .

Regardless of the mix up (user error), y’all should really give Pepperplate a try!



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