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Thanks for making my birthday a Hole in ONE!

Thanks for making my birthday a Hole in ONE!

This may be my favorite part of Colton’s Hole in ONE party: the thank you notes! I saw this card and thought it would be the perfect way to thank our friends and family for sharing his special day. I love a good handmade craft!

Colton and I love finger painting projects!  I painted his foot with green tempera paint (washable!) using just a paper towel and made about four footprints on a piece of copy paper.  (This technique results in a much more even footprint as opposed to dipping his foot in paint, which always ends up with globs in all the wrong places.)  I figured that out of four, one was bound to be a keeper.  I scanned the footprints into iPhoto, and then chose the best one.  Now, washable tempera paints are great since I don’t have to worry about paint stains on my clothes, but I find that the colors are a little weak.  The “green” is not a true kelly green.  So, I manipulated the color just a bit to get a decent green using iPhoto.

Then, I created a note card using my Silhouette Studio.  I used this tutorial to make the standard card outline. I imported my footprint image onto the note card.  I printed the card on card stock and then cut them out.  I then used the same cupcake flag template I used for Colton’s cupcakes and banner, only smaller, but I deleted the cut marks for the toothpick.  I used a brown sharpie to draw a hole and a flag post onto the green.  Then, I glued the flag cutout onto the post.

Now that I’m getting the hang of the Silhouette, craft projects like this are going a lot faster.  I was able to design, print, cut, and glue about a dozen cards all during Colton’s afternoon nap.  (Have I mentioned how thankful I am that our little Munchkin is now a pretty good napper?! That topic alone probably deserves its own post.  Or 20! 😯 )

I think they turned out pretty cute!

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